What should you include in your small business website?

June 8, 2021

Learn what to include on your small business website!

Where should I start when creating my personal or small business website? Many of you might be asking that question right now. 

Maybe you have a new idea and you want a presence online to showcase it. Or maybe you want to start your own online business but aren’t sure how to get started. 

In this post I’ll be talking about several things you should be aware of before going online.


Content is king, or so they say. But really, the more high quality content you have, the better off you’ll be.

With a little help from an SEO expert you could be on your way to writing content that has multiple goals. Content that is written to please your audience but also help gain organic traffic.

This would include several keywords that you would want to include in the content being produced, frontend (in the actual written content) and backend (behind the scenes in the coding of the website).

Here are a few tools you can use to help generate keyword ideas, if you’re not interested in partnering with someone.

Let us know if you need help, we’ve got SEO experience!

Other than SEO content, you should also be writing content you know your viewer will find helpful.

This content might provide some free advice or service.

Where does all this content go? Well, it can go on your main pages of the website to bolster up those pages. It can also be the main content of your blogs (I’ll talk about those later in this post). (statistic showing how much content should be on your site and your blogs)


Have you ever witnessed a beautiful sunset? It’s a little hard to describe, but with a picture you can help someone else understand what you saw. As they say, “a picture says a thousand words”.

When creating your website, find pictures that speak to your audience. Images that help supplement your content will help in many ways. They break up the content and keep the readers engaged. Great images can keep viewers on a page longer.

When appropriate show what you or your company does in infographic form. Infographics are a great way to keep the reader longer on the site and show some really great stats!

Need some help with creating your infographics? Buffer.com already did the research on the top 12 infographic creating sites. (https://buffer.com/library/infographic-makers/)

Here’s a few sites that you can get some quality stock photos to help ramp your content up (keep in mind, there are many more stock image sites, these are just the ones I’ve used and have enjoyed):


It’s fun to get creative when building your site. With well over 1 billion websites out there, your’s definitely needs to stick out! With so many websites out there, creativity will help your business stick out. But there are a few pages that should be included on your website.

A home page is a must (because where else are viewers going to go!). Your home page must be a welcoming place. Show what you or your business are all about. What can you do for the consumer that others can’t. 

Show why you are more creative than everyone else. 

Engage the visitor with great above the fold content. The above the fold (the part of the website that shows without scrolling or navigating down) should include some brief messaging and a call to action (learn more, contact us for your free quote, learn more about what I do).

You should also have some sort of services or product page. Somewhere where you can show people in detail what you are providing whether that be products or services. 

I think it is also nice to provide an “about us” page. A page that can show how it all started, that way, you can start to build an emotional connection with the viewer.

And of course, depending on what you are providing, you will need some way for people to get in contact with you, or a contact us page.

There are many more pages that could be added to this list but this gives you an idea where to start.


Blogs are important for many reasons. They can help in the sales funnel process but driving organic traffic to your site. They provide new content that can then be shared and used for marketing purposes. And there are also some SEO benefits to them (link to a post about the benefits)

It can be daunting to think about writing a consistent blog. But if you can set aside some time each week or month to write a blog it can be very beneficial (link to article with blog benefits)

As I discussed earlier, blog content can be informed through a variety of ways, but if you are writing your blogs based off of SEO focused keywords, they can help generate organic traffic, or free traffic!

We offer blog writing services and could also help educate you on the blog writing process.

Learn more how we can help!

Online Toolbox

It is very important to build your toolbox of online tools, whether that be website builders, data analytics or keyword research tools. There are many tools you can utilize that can help make this online journey easier.

Here are a few tools that can help you:


I’m sure you’ve heard of it. Wordpress is a wonderful website building tool. There are thousands of plugins available to help tweak and customize your site.

Drag and drop website builders

There are other website builders as well that provide an easy drag and drop system. The downside to these is that there are generally little customization options available.

Google analytics

Google analytics will help you see how people are interacting with your site. It is a free tool and a must have for every website.

Google search console

Google search console shows how people are finding your site from the Google search engine. That way you can see what people are searching for when they find you, which can then help you create better SEO focused content.


This is a great SEO tool which comes with some free options (and the paid options are some of the most less expensive out there). This tool can help with keyword research and many more SEO related research.

I hope you found this helpful. We are a full service website designing company, if ever through your online process you find it difficult, reach out and we can help you along the way. Whether that be building, hosting and maintaining your website, SEO content generation or even creative work, we can help you!